How Injured Bikers Can Uphold Their Rights

Lots of sunshine, warm weather, and the coastal roadways make Florida a great state for motorcyclists. The state is one of the nation’s leaders in motorcycle registrations and a popular destination for others attending Daytona Bike Week and other great motorcycling events. Great weather and lots of motorcycle riders in the state ensure accident will occur that wind up injuring riders and their passengers.

Despite efforts to make road travel safer, the number of Florida motorcycle accidents is rising. So are rider injuries and deaths. The smaller size, lighter weight, and general lack of rider protections on motorcycles ensure the riders and their passengers are far more likely to suffer injuries or death if a vehicular accident occurs.

The odds of a catastrophic injury or death are even higher when not wearing a helmet. The likelihood of suffering injuries makes it very important to uphold the rights of injured riders with the help of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

If you are injured while riding your motorcycle due to a negligent driver causing an accident, retaining an experienced attorney will help you uphold your rights. Your attorney can help you file strongly supported insurance claims to get compensated for your losses and hold liable parties accountable. Your attorney can help you gather evidence, file a strongly supported insurance claim, and stop insurers and opposing attorneys from directly contacting you.

Your attorney also could stop any related debt collection activities until the matter is settled. All communications must flow through your attorney’s law office after you tell insurers, attorneys, or debt collectors that you retained an attorney and give them the contact information.

Medical Care Is Important

Even if you consider yourself to be a rugged individual who doesn’t need the help of others, you should get medical treatment following a motorcycle accident. Even if you feel great, you should obtain medical help to affirm it. Common Motorcycle accident injuries include head injuries that often are not apparent right away but could become deadly in a matter of hours or days. You also might suffer whiplash or other latent injuries that bikers commonly suffer.

If you suffer a significant injury, you need to attend your medical appointments and obtain physical therapy when needed. An injured rider often has broken bones and soft tissue damage that requires physical therapy to help you regain your strength and full range of motion. Physical therapy also is a great way to document your healing and the amount of pain that you might experience due to injuries sustained in your accident.

Correct the Police Report

Most insurers rely on police reports to guide them in determining fault for causing an accident. Unfortunately, many motorcycle riders who are injured in accidents wind up in ambulances and emergency rooms to get treatment. While that treatment is underway, one or more other drivers are talking to any responding police officers and telling them their versions of the events. Those accounts are often inaccurate or outright lies to deflect fault.

Your attorney can get a copy of the police report and help you correct any faulty information and challenge any lies that it might contain. Correcting a police report will give you a better chance of obtaining a fair settlement from insurers. If the matter remains contested afterward, your attorney can depose other drivers, and any witnesses and file a case in court when necessary.

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