What Do We Miss Most about the Pre-Social Media Era?

Social media is now a significant aspect of our daily life. It is the one platform that allows us to connect to people all over the world. This is something that was not possible in the pre-social media era.

However, as the internet advanced, social media became a new and fresh concept. Now, as long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can always access the various social media platforms.

If you are looking for one such internet connection, we would highly recommend Xfinity Internet. In fact, you can even bundle it with Xfinity Cable TV. On a side note, what was life before social media became so common?

Was there anything significant about that life? What do you miss the most about that era? Well, it does get nostalgic thinking about how unique life was before social media, where you never had to worry about followers, likes, or dislikes.

Therefore, in this article, we will be walking down memory lane and sharing what is most missed about the pre-social media era.

The Ability to Take a Breather or Break

Let’s face it. Social media is addictive, to the point that it might get toxic for some people. When you have a large number of followers who constantly and religiously comment and share your posts, you are always under pressure to stay up-to-date and post actively.

It’s always easy to lose yourself in this cycle. Although social media allows you to stay in touch with your friends and family all over the world, it can get overwhelming. You might just want to take some time off from social media.

But, is it as easy as it sounds? Unfortunately, no. When you have one too many followers on social media, it’s hard to get any time off if possible. You will have to justify your actions to all your followers, and this isn’t something you might be comfortable with.

Whereas in the past, you always had the freedom to take a break or time off from people as you like. You never had to justify yourself, and this is the one thing we miss most about the pre-social media era.

Not Everything Was a Competition

Social media has in many ways made everything a competition. Who has the most number of followers? Who has the most shares? Who is verified? All of this can make it hard for you to portray yourself in a light that gains you more followers and likes. 

Back when social media was not a big thing, life was simpler. You did your own thing without feeling the pressure of doing it better than the other person. What you did was more unique, because you weren’t following a trend.

Now, you are constantly comparing yourself to everyone else. Figuring out ways to be better and more competitive. Although being competitive is a great thing, it can be toxic when that’s all you think about when using social media.

You need to keep telling yourself that it’s alright to do things at your pace, and no one’s going to blame you if you fall short.

Real and Raw Conversations and Friendships

Can you remember when was the last time you actually sat down and shared a meaningful conversation with a friend? Or perhaps a phone call? It might sound too ancient to you, but this was a common thing before social media.

People would actually take time out and put effort into meeting friends. It made friendships and conversations much more real and raw. However, today, everyone communicates with their friends through social media.

You no longer feel the need to plan outings with your friends because social media gives you the opportunity to connect with anyone and everyone over the internet. That said, friendships and conversations were much more genuine before social media.

It might be a good idea to consider meeting and talking with people other than on social media. It’s a healthy balance and change.

The Ability to Live in the Moment

Last but not least, before social media, you could easily live in the present moment and not be distracted by a push notification. The fact that your mobile phone is always within your reach, you probably have the habit of getting distracted easily.

The internet has changed our mode of communication, to the extent that you are heavily reliant on your phone and can’t imagine leaving the home without it. If you posted something on Instagram, you would anxiously wait for the like notification or see who has been commenting on it.

It’s not just that fact that you are easily distracted now, it’s more about how much time you give to these devices instead of the people around you. Make it a habit to live in the moment if you actually want to live life.

All in All

Social media is a great way of keeping up with what’s happening around the world. But don’t let it overshadow you and your real self. Try to create a balance by giving people time and taking a break to appreciate the beauty of life.

When anything is used abundantly, it gets toxic. This applies to using social media as well.

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