Best Goodbye Cards for Coworkers: Design and Experiences

Terminating a contract or simply working with co-workers who will have to part ways can at times be sad. Any person you may be parting ways with such as through relocation to another job, retirement, among other instances; a goodbye card is very appropriate to show how much you will miss them and wish them all the best. Writing a goodbye cards for coworkers  means a lot of understanding of what, where, when, how, and to whom, coupled with a strong sense of humor and plenty of mush. Here you will find a number of suggestions and tips on how to turn your good-because-close goodbye card into the unique and special farewell presentation.

1. Personalized Messages

Aim for a friendly as well as professional greeting that conveys your relationship with your coworker. Focus on the experiences that you have been through in unity or the times you spent together.

Finding those mutual inside jokes that apply to both of you can be fun and engaging.

Make sure you acknowledge their efforts for the team or the organization that you work for.

2. Themes and Designs

Travel Theme: If your coworker is now planning a trip, the motifs connected with travels, for example, maps, airplanes or suitcases.

Office Inside Jokes: Humorous pictures or other funny incidents or roles at the workplace can be captured and used in designing and this will help put smile on their face.

Nature-Inspired: This can be done by adding some imagery like flowers, trees, or fresh landscapes in order to capture the concept of growth.

Career Milestones: Based on this, one should design the card depending on the career or specific themes like; doctor’s card will have motifs like stethoscope while a teacher’s card will have motifs of books.

3. Handmade Touches

Calligraphy and Hand Lettering: If you have excellent penmanship skills, try writing a hand-lettered name or quote on the card.

DIY Embellishments: The final touches include putting stickers, ribbons, or small drawings that add the final touch, making it more personal.

Photographs: What should be added as a part of the gift? – it’s useful to have a memorable photo of the team or even a set of the coworker pictures.

4. Quotes and Poems

Famous Quotes: Include nickels back quotes related to new start, camaraderie, or achievement.

Personalized Poems: You may wish to use humor and write a little poem or the verse to express your good wishes and feelings.

Humorous Quotes: If you have the opportunity, its time to add a little twist and to quote something funny for their going away.

5. Group Contributions

Team Signatures: You can have people in the office sign the card and write something small and creative about each person. It also demonstrates a group effort which is loved and cherished as people pool their strength together.

Office Memories: It is possible to make short stories or post it messages where different team members will share their bright recollection about the coworker.

6. Interactive Elements

Interactive Cards: Develop a card that has layers of information hidden in it and those who open the card get to see a certain message or a drawing as they continue to open the card.

QR Codes: Insert a QR code over the product, it should lead to a specially created digital message or a compilation of videos sent by the team.

7. Digital Cards

E-cards: For widely distributed employees, such as remote working or environmentally-sensitive workers, use e-cards with messages and animations.

Virtual Signing: Organize work upon the availability of online platforms where coworkers can sign and contribute messages on the card.

8. Presentation

Presentation Matters: Check that the card gives a nice impression, it maybe wrapped in a small gift bag or put into an envelope that matches the card.

Timing: Hand it over when the time is appropriate, maybe when you are accompanying them to their farewell ceremony, close to the time they leave.

9. Wishes for the Future

Encouragement: Say things like ‘good job’ or ‘well done’; give them words of encouragement regarding their life and the things they want to do in the future.

Contact Information: Add other details as the phone number, home address, email address etc. only if you want to be in touch with them after they get out.

10. Final Touches

Quality Materials: Print on high quality paper and also ensure that the ink quality is good to achieve professionalism on the brochures.

Proofreading: Ensure that the wording of the card is correct including spelt and grammatical errors before producing the final copy of the card.


When preparing a card for a coworker, it is always good to do this when you are giving a send-off to your colleague, this makes you commemorate with the person while you also encourage the person to move forward. Regardless if the card carries a message of love, a funny joke or is designed to fit the receiver’s hobby, preference or career, the time and effort that has been dedicated to making the card will not go unnoticed. Just always bear in mind that the kind of goodbye cards you should create or purchase should be one that would remind both parties of the special bond each of you had for each other as well as the warm feelings that are expressed in the cards. 

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