App Monetization Techniques For A News-Casting Application

Khaleej Times is a famous news sharing platform that keeps the residents of UAE informed about the daily happenings, and what’s gonna happen next. Previously it was a news sharing online portal where users could come and get the latest news, but due to the emerging needs, leading mobile app development Dubai is planning to build an app similar to it.

All of these concerns drove the value of the users to the instant news sharing platform, and it’s not wrong to say that, now you can get all the information on your palm, just by downloading an app – Khaleej Times.

But, you must be thinking, about why you should invest in creating an app like Khaleej Times and what are the monetization techniques by which you can earn money.

Don’t worry, as we’re here to discuss the top 5 ways by which you can learn about the 5 app monetization techniques and earn more than expected!

How much time do users spend on their mobile phones?

There are a lot of people who invest their time on mobile phones and mostly use applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get the latest updates.

According to statista, the total app engagement experience got an instant increase of only three percent over the year, while between 2019 and 2022, the time spent on mobile apps for global users increased by

46 percent and users are still increasing the time limit.

Here you can see that if you create an app like Khaleej time, there are 75% chance that customers will open your application once in a day to get the latest insights, and that’s where you will win as a team!

Anyhow, here are 3 mobile app monetization techniques for news applications – which you can avail of & get the results instantly.

Mobile App Monetization Techniques For News Applications

Here are the top 3 ways you can opt for app monetization, and earn more than your imagination! Just remember that all of these strategies are best only if you know everything about the application you’re planning to develop.

1.     Subscription Model

The first model that we’re going to cover is the Subscription model, where we use the strategy of providing consumers with high-quality material in return for the money they are investing in the application. Not just this, it’s just like, if someone is subscribing to the newsletter, like a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription they will get some kind of perks, other than those who’re only using it as a one-time user without applying for any subscription.

2.     Advertisement Model

The second model which we are going to discuss is the Advertisement model where advertisements are run by different companies, and you will take money from them for making their ads live in between your application use.

This model is only applicable if you have a huge traffic coming to your application, and people are using it on a daily basis.

3.     Sponsorship Subscription Model

Last, but not least we have a Sponsorship campaign model that is another and most viable source of bridging income from a news sharing application. Suppose a cricket match is about to happen in a few days, what are you gonna do next?

The best thing would be, to run a sponsored campaign that is on your news sharing application and captivating your audience.

Anyhow, these were some of the ways by which you can earn money from a news sharing application. For more understanding we’re going to list down the benefits of creating a news sharing application.

Benefits of Building a News Sharing Application

There are numerous benefits of building a news sharing application, and you know what, there are professional mobile app developers in the UK who don’t only benefit you with their experience but build applications that are top-notch, backed with a cutting-edge layout.

  1. You will have the creative edge of trying out new things in your news sharing application, a place where customers can interact with each other, and learn about the latest trends.
  2. You will stay connected with the latest ongoing trends, and will later cover them in your application “what’s next” section.
  3. Your news snipper will go trending if you cover the news first from your platform, and by that, you can generate a lot of traffic.
  4. Revenue in the digital newspaper market is huge, and expected to reach around $38.60bn by the end of 2023, that is again huge!

The average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to be around $23.70 US dollar so can you imagine how much you can earn with similar applications?

Invest heavily in mobile app design and development, regardless of the niche, because after some time you will start to earn, and people will love to download and use your application — to catch up with the latest insights.

Wrapping Up | Invest in a News Sharing Application

And we’re done with the discussion. A news sharing application will help you connect with the latest insights, and everyone will love to visit your website or download the application to know what’s trending or what’s happening in the world.

Always hire a professional app development team from mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia under you, who will not only understand your requirements regarding the application but will deliver a real-time experience – adding value and comfort to your online experience.

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